Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Hypnotised and fucked............

When she originally took the film "Singh is King," Katrina Kaif could never have imagined that this would be the movie that thrust her from little seen films into the limelight of Bollywood stardom. She thought it might do relatively well but didn't expect it to be the massive box office success it was. Thankfully, she'd had the foresight to agree to a possible sequel, which was in the works only weeks after the film's release. Katrina was happy with the movie so far, especially the way her character was given much more of an action-oriented slant than the shy girl from the first film. And she got to show a little more sensuality in this film too, which would definitely help raise her star a little. Not that she hadn't shown a little skin before but that was before anyone knew who the hell she was.Like in the previous movie,this movie had a song sequence in Egypt.For the moment, Katrina had decided to put aside all thoughts of shooting, of stunt workand special effects and the rest and just try to enjoy the sights of Egypt. While she was nowhere near the expert she played in the films, she did have to admire the beauty of the ancient land and how it seemed to attract so many visitors. Most of those visitors were packed into the small bazar not too far from her hotel where Katrina was enjoying a day of shopping. It was a bit more crowded than she would have liked but still very nice, the stalls offering a large selection of trinkets, a bit overpriced but still intriguing and worth a look. But frankly, she preferred a shop that was a bit more traditional, leading her to a small alcove of a shop near the corner of the marketplace.The cool air inside was a definite joy after the unbearing heat, Katrina adjusting her outfit to keep it from sticking on her body, taking off her sunglasses and brushing at her long dark hair as she took in the shop. It was surprisingly quiet, with the usual array of trinkets and valuables spread about, several of them very good. "May I help you?" Katrina turned to face the owner of the soft accented voice. He was a small man, forties, with balding hair and a somewhat downtrodden complexion but still rather pleasant. "I'm just looking," Katrina said in her crisp tones. "Just taking a brief vacation and looking for something to take back."
"A tall order," the man said. "But I believe I can help you with that." He moved over to
the counter, rummaging around behind it as Katrina came up to him. "Ah!" the man said, coming
back. "I believe I have just the thing for you."

Katrina watched as he placed down what appeared to be a small pyramid attached to a
stand. The platform it was on was raised slightly, ringed with some sort of writing Katrina couldn't
make out. The pyramid itself was a simple one, a miniature of the most famous landmarks around.
On each side of the pyramid was a gem, a diamond, an emerald and a ruby. "My, that must cost a bit," Katrina said. "Not as much as you might think," the man said. "It is worth it, I believe. It's just such a nice decoration. Here, let me show you how it works." He flicked a switch and the pyramid began to spin, the gems lighting up. The man placed it into the palm of his hand and held it so it was level to Katrina's eyes. "What causes the light?" Katrina asked as it spun.
"A small bulb inside," the man replied. "A cheap effect, I know, but it does make it enchanting. You can see the way each gem is lit, the way they glow red, green and white as theyspin around and around, you can watch them spin around and around, around and around, just watch the light spin, my dear, watch them spin around and around, the wonderful light spinning, the wonderful lights spinning around and around, around and around, just watch the wonderful lights spin around and around, around and around, just watch the wonderful lights, just watch thewonderful lights spin, around and around, around and around, just watch the wonderful lights spin, around and around, around and around." Katrina's eyes were becoming a bit glassy as she stared at the spinning pyramid, the lights continuing to play into her eyes as she did. The shopkeeper had seen many a person in that position and knew the constant stream of flashing lights, the shifting colors flying into her eyes,combined with his deep droning voice telling her to watch them spin, was drawing Katrina into a nice trance state.
"Just watch the lights, watch them spin around and around, around and around, just keep
watching them spin, around and around, around and around, growing more and more relaxed, my
dear, grow more and more relaxed as you watch the lights, watch them spin and flash, spin and
flash, just watch the lights spin and flash, spin and flash, into your eyes, growing more and more
relax with every spin and flash, more relaxed with every spin and flash. Spin, relaxed, flash,
relaxed, spin, relaxed, flash, relaxed, just more and more relaxed with every spin and flash, spin
and flash, relaxed, relaxed, spin and flash, relaxed, relaxed......."
Katrina's entire face was blank now, the lights continuing to flash along her face as she
stared at the spinning pyramid, the shopkeeper continuing to speak as he mentally made
arrangements for Katrina's near future.Katrina was now hypnotised. Sheiks weren't quite as common in Egypt these days but one is a millionaire oil executive, he can present the appearance well and be tolerated for it. The Sheik in question here was a tall man with handsome features and a dark beard, dressed in robes as he lounged around his mansion,awaiting his upcoming visitor. He was seated in his bedroom, the large bed featuring expensive sheets and curtains, the moon moving through the large windows nearby as he waited. The doors opened, the bodyguards moving aside to allow the shopkeeper to enter with Katrina by his side. She was dressed in a very thin harem outfit, her naked body easily seen underneath, her firm breasts and tight nipples showcasing the arousal programmed into her, dark
hair curled up behind her head, a veil covering the lower half of her face, her blank eyes showing above it.

"Very nice, Mastuafh," the Sheik said. "A nice choice as always. For a Westerner, she's perfect."
"Not quite, sir," the shopkeeper said apologetically. "It was only after she was under my spell and I talked to her that I learned she is an actress of some fame, currently shooting a movie. I'm afraid she cannot be a permanent member of your harem. If she does not come back by tomorrow, she will be missed and questions raised by high-ranking people." "Hmm, a bother," the Sheik said. "Well, I do believe she can serve me well tonight. She has been readied?" "As always," the shopkeeper nodded. "Very well. Your fee is waiting you. I look forward to doing business with you soon." "As do I," the shopkeeper said, bowing as he exited, the doors locking from the outside behind him, the guards knowing the Sheik wanted to be alone for a time. The Sheik moved back on the bed, looking over at Katrina, who still stood there silently through it all. "You have been trained?"

"Yes, Master," Katirna said softly, her mind worked over by the shopkeeper the last few
hours until she was ready to serve the Sheik."Then let your service begin," the Sheik said, lying back on the bed. Obediently, Katrina stripped away her outfit, which really didn't take too long, revealing her nice naked body. She kept the veil on as per her orders, crawling onto the bed and to the sheik. She knelt obediently before him, letting him sit up a bit, his hands moving over to her firm breasts, tweaking the nipples and squeezing the breasts, a slight sigh Katrina's only reaction to it.

After a few moments spent rubbing at her breasts, the Sheik lay back, undoing the front of his robe to let his hard cock free. "Mount me," he commanded. Obediently, Katrina moved onto him, sitting herself down on her cock. She immediately began to move herself back and forth on it, her breasts bouncing forward as she worked herself on the Sheik's cock. The Sheik's hands moved back to her breasts, cupping them as he drove himself forward into her. Unexpectedly, he rolled them around, his cock still in Katrina's pussy as he pushed her onto her back, taking his rightful position on top.Katrina's legs bent, feet on the sheets as the Sheik went at her, moving his face down to her breasts, licking the nipples as he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy. Katrina allowed a slight moan to escape her lips, her commands to keep silent difficult in light of the incredible lovemaking the Sheik was subjecting her to. He kept right on kneading her breasts as he rammed his cock at her pussy, moans Katrina was unable to hold in echoing through the room. To her credit, or rather the credit of her programming, she managed to hold in her scream as the Sheik's cock blasted into her pussy. She had barely come down from the orgasm when the Sheik knelt over her, pushing his cock past her veil while keeping her face covered. "Suck it," the Sheik commanded, watching as Katrina took it in her mouth, her lips running up and down the shaft, tickling the tip as she took him in. The Sheik watched her, reflecting that the woman was a wonder. A shame she couldn't be a permanent part of his harem but he thought she could be convinced to pay him a few visits now and then. After all, in the desert, how could one pass up such a treat?